Arts and crafts, of course!!

 The sky could not even be a limit to the uses of Sticky Sticks in Arts and Crafts!!  Let a four year-old or a forty year-old loose with a package and see what can happen!  Puppet shows to candy bouquets, picture frames to beautiful gifts, these Sticks can be used to complete all sorts of amazing projects!


 Teachers are the reason we invented Sticky Sticks!  Visual-aids are a must and time is of the essence for every teacher, and Sticky Sticks can help with both of those needs!  Our specialized adhesive is non-toxic, and permanently adheres to lamination film, paper, construction paper and more!!

Printing, Promotional, Marketing

Sticky Sticks are a perfect solution to in-plant printing offices to finish promotional hand fans and  political signage.  They can be quickly and permanently adhered to any paper or card stock, eliminating the need for expensive adhesion equipment in order to fulfill orders.  Let us help you say, "Yes, we can do that," to your customers!

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